Pictures from Tuesday's Asbury Park trip. Yeahboy.

And this is what I did to Blair's car during lunch. She, of course, already had these magnets all over the back of her car.

And Jenny said she'd really like her life if she saw Sanjaya, I believe, Sanjaya will be kicked off next week.



I need money.
I need a job.
I want a ton of clothes.
I want a ton of stuff.
I want Chinese food everyday.
I want to buy books.
I want all of these cameras.

Today Blair, Tilly, Jen, and I went to Asbury Park, because I guess that's all we ever do, and we were hanging out with the cats under Howard Johnson, which we also always do cause they're so cute. There's always a ton of food in those tinfoil boxish things under there, with one filled with water. Today this woman came up with an industrial sized bag of cat food, another type of cat food [like the wet kind?], and a thing full of water and started giving it to them. The second she showed up they all sort of came out of hiding. She talked to us for a good half hour, and told us all about what she does for the cats. She's fed them every single day for eleven years. After seven years she ended up getting a ticket for it!? Yes, a ticket for feeding stray cats, and it was for "feeding the pigeons" she went, fought it, and people followed her to court. She ended up getting community service, and it was to help animals. She brought them a tarp through the winter to keep out the cold air. She puts food in two spots, one in one spot for one of the cats that's too shy to be around the others.

People like that just make me feel like being a better person, like doing that is just so great of her. I think I should leave her a note next time I'm there, or like, everytime I'm there.



Here's a bunch of pictures from recent days.

Mad Starbucks/mall pictures.

Bay Head train station looks so cool at night foreals.

Asbury Park pictures.
Metropolitan and the almost destroyed Casino.

Yes, that's right, Amanda and I found a 40oz, in a bag, sitting on the sidewalk of Asbury.

On the way back from voc, these people stopped our bus.